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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 13, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> a teacher threatened and classes cancelled as investigators search for a bomb at a south bay school. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we begin this noontime with two south bay schools shut down for the day due to a bomb threat. the impacted schools are monta vista high school in cupertino and lincoln elementary, right next door. janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene and joins us live with an update about the traffic situation there. >> reporter: the road just opened up within the past hour, because deputies did not find a bomb here at monta vista high school. at this hour they are following up on leads trying to track down who is responsible for making a threat against the teacher and the school. from chopper 2 you can see
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deputies around monta vista high school and a bomb sniffing dog on campus, authorities say after 6:30 this morning a school official found graffiti on a wall. >> it was a specific threat here and the bomb was planted here. >> here is a picture circulating among students, it says i planted a bomb to kill and then it names the teacher. students say he teaches there and is disturbed. >> i was shocked. so shocked. he is a nice teacher, he doesn't deserve something like this to happen to him. >> kind of scary because you couldn't think they would have problems with bomb threats and things like that. >> the cordoned off two blocks around the school, classes were kansas cancelled here and there so that could search and keep students away from danger.
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they spent hours looking for it but did not turn up anything. the teacher threatened is still being protected. >> there is a deputy or two staying with the teacher and his family just to ensure his safety and the safety of his family members. he is holding up quite well. >> some students the graffiti was also found at another school. police declined to comment on that and say this is still an active investigation. students were not amused. >> it is not funny at all, it is not worth going to school or having a bomb and being hurt. >> they say this is still an active criminal investigation and if they find the person personal they could face serious criminal charges most likely a felony. back out here live we are told
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sheriff's deputy's will have a presence here tomorrow but they will be back open tomorrow. >> thank you. we have new information this noontime on a story we have been following since yesterday morning about a baby who was born in the middle of a san francisco street. in the last hour a police source told us investigators believe the mother was on cocaine 679 they are handing over the case to the district attorney and recommending she be charged with child neglect and abandonment. the mother's identity have not been released. only she is 39. they are still in the hospital. child protective services are also involved in the case. the police department has seen a dramatic drop in one of its basic crime fighting tools. that would be traffic stops. the san francisco chronicle compiled statistics that show a 75% drop in stops of vehicles and pedestrians from -- 2009 to
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2012. in 2009 officers made more than 68,000 stops, this year they are on target to make fewer than 16,000 stops. that even as oakland has seen a spike in crime. criminal justice experts say police stops are a basic crime fighting tool and blame the drop on job cuts, low moral and federal reforms. san francisco's catholic archdiocese held a prayer vigil for a couple found bound and gagged and dumped on a street. it was held where the couple was found, steven reid died from a gunshot wound, audrey prado is still in the hospital. she is in critical condition but is expected to survive. prosecutors say the two were attacked inside a home. 5 people were charged in the case yesterday. we have new information now about that couple, san francisco police say the two were acquainted with the 5 people charged with attacking
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them and the man who died, steven reid, had moved here from georgia. four of the suspects completedded not guilty yesterday. the 5th is due for arraignment tomorrow. police have not discussed a motive. a controversial video is being investigated by san francisco police, and it is believed to be of a fellow police officer driving a lamborghini through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles an hour. >> yeah. >> the tunnel has a 35 mile per hour speed limit. this video posted to the facebook page of police sergeant carl teague was titled broadway tunnel, 100 miles per hour, in a lambbo and included a comment saying every 1 was drunk at the time. >> well this is absolutely dangerous and inappropriate behavior and we can't have folks going 100 miles an hour through the tunnel. >> the board of supervisors was
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told police are investigating. the video internally. carl teague e-mailed ktvu saying i was not driving 100 miles per hour in the tunnel. i was most definitely not drunk. my assertion that i was driving that fast was simply hyperbole and my comment about being drunk was said purely tongue in check. the board of supervisors have been slapped with a second audit and further questions on how he spent funds. they say he should immediately reimburse thousands he charged on a credit card. it claims he charged meals and spent 4000 dollars on two electric bicycles. the governor's office announced he will continue working while he is being treated with radio therapy for
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prostate cancer there. his oncologist says his prognosis is excellent and the treatment will be completed by the week of january 7th. at you will find more on his diagnosis and the full statement released by his office. look for the hot topics section. once again the tides rolled up there. tara moriarty joins us from san leandro to show us the impact the tide had there. >> reporter: good afternoon, at 11:28 the water was at its peak and if you look you can see where it was and how it already has receded. to give you an idea what it normally looks like, you can usually see the rocks 30 feet out and now the water is lapping up against the edge of the parking lot. now, this is video we shot close by of water gurge eling out eling out of the manhole so
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the sewer system is being affected it and people are asked to do that. it is the highest tides of the year and the sea level is expected to rise by 1 foot by 2050. >> i was born and raised here and i come here a lot with my camera and film and this the highest i have ever seen it. >> in san francisco the water rose higher at the embarcadero to around 7 feet and the highest tide level is in coyote creek. in san leandro we can see tons of fishing polls lining the shore. >> we are out here all the time catching rays and sharks hoping to catch a big one. >> a better chance today. >> yeah, the big fish come in and all the fish want to come in and feed. >> high tides will range until
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friday and do that and if you have pictures to share send them there. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> a 10 million dollar public relations contract for the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been cancelled. according to the sacramento bee cal trans signed a contract with the pr frm in august, that included the production of a book and that. it has canceled it saying it is not a wise use of resources. a woman is dead after a crash on the san mateo bridge. it happened on 3:30 on the far right lane of westbound highway 92. they say and suv plowed into a small sedan driving slowly because of a flat tire. the driver of the sedan had minor injuries but the passenger in the back seat was declared dead at the scene.
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the london coroner releases new details about the death of a nurse who committed suicide after falling for a prank regarding the dutchess of cambridge. plus it is cold outside. your weekend forecast is always in view. meteorologist steve paulson is here with what you can expect. software company founder john mcafee is back on u.s. soil. what he is saying he left behind in belize. [ singing christmas carols in background ]
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the london coroner's office is revealing new details on the nurse who took the hoax call but the dutchess of cambridge, the coroner reports the woman was found hanging from a scarf on a wardrobe door any room where she stayed near the hospital. police say three notes were found in the room and there were no suspicious circumstances. saldana was found by a member of the security staff at the hospital on friday. anti-virus software company founder john mcafee now says he is broke and has nowhere to go now that he is here in the u.s. he arrived last night after being deportd from caught a
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caught got deported from guatemala. he says that. >> i was forced here and didn't have anything to do with anything. >> he claimed he left everything behind there, including 20 million in investments and 15 properties. we are approaching the end of the year and they do not appear close to reaching a compromise when it comes to the fiscal cliff. brian flores is live with the issues holding both sides up. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, what it boils down to is the level of spending cuts and tax rates and time is running out and it appears that they have hit a stalemate. it is only three weeks left but it needs to be written and passed and there is concern it may not happen in time. if nothing happens then americans can expect spending
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cuts and possible tax hikes, both party leaders held press conferences today to update americans on the progress, speaker of the house john boehner says this afternoon that he wants the president declarify how he will cut spending. >> we made a reasonable offer, it is now up to the white house to show us how they are going to cut spending and give us the balanced agreement the president has talked about for weeks. >> meanwhile house minority leader nancy pelosi says republicans need to get real on a solution and says she would like to see medicare and social security kept out of the discussions. >> the back and forth is only useful if it eliminates possibilities. as i have said don't even think about raising the medicare age, we are not throwing americas seniors over the cliff to give a tax cut to the wealthiest people in mish. >> it is likely they will have to work through the holidays to reach a compromise.
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despite a dip in unemployment and increased spending with consumers, economists say it is the figure fiscal cliff causing that and could bring them into that. when asked about it today the president said, it is still a work in progress, live in the newsroom, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you brian. by area home prices rose last month. newly released numbers show home prices were up more than 20% from last year according to the research firm data quick, the price was $438,000 in the 9 county bay region, sales rose to a six year high, up 16% from last year. hayward police are tracking gold jewelry thieves who pick their victims based on race. the thieves are suspected of snatching gold chain necklaces from around the necks of more  than 20 victims in hayward. investigators say most of the victims are indian, filipino
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and latino woman. so far 5 suspects have been arrested, police are looking for two others, all have ties to a gang and are cict connected to other gold chain robberies in fremont. some children are learning to give back. this morning they helped to gather bikes and bags of wrapped gifts going to students at their families at martin luther king, jr. school in richmond, they are miles away but connected through a sister school program. >> we are helping the kids that have no -- no -- like any stuff so that is -- and we have a lot of stuff so that is why we are helping the kids. >> they are filling items from a christmas wish list it received from 28 families selectd from staff at mlk. the humane society in
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navato is reducing prices by 50% for black and white cats. they have recently received a lot of these cats from donors. in late november 24 cats were dropped off. another 12 left in early december. cats can be adopted for just 50 dollars, kittens 5 months or younger will be $62. bay area residents will a 415 area code could soon be getting a new one. according to the california public utilities commission, available numbers in the 415 zone will be used up by october 2015. now they are set to consider dividing the area code and force some people to switch to a new 628 area code and will hold hearings on it in january. >> well, it was definitely a cold one this morning. it is still brisk out there although temperatures are trying to warm up here, low 50s. a beautiful shot of mt. diablo, the air is crisp, clean, the
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hills are clean. that cold air, is not going anywhere for a while, for sure. we might have to deal with rain tomorrow morning but -- the forecast is very challenging because it may be a situation where it rains by the coast tomorrow but not so much inland. today it is good to go. more cloud cover towards san jose and the valley but overall mostly sunny, breezy, very cool. though. temperatures below average, again more clouds south but lots of sunshine north. upper 40s or low 50s, the warmest is oakland at 54, livermore only 48. so every 1 is close here. 1 degrees in tahoe, now 30. i know truckie was also one at one time. the state line was texas 30s, 40s, ukia only 43 degrees, chilly readings there, and 20s there as well. impressive system here showing every sign of splitting tomorrow. if it does it would give us a lot of rain but it looks like will split and go favor and parallel along the coast so
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that is tomorrow morning and tomorrow and another one on saturday, that is your cloud and forecast your time line is there, see how this system rotates and and favors the coast right there with rain activity, it is actually weakening the system compared to this morning so the forecast models have tough times and we have updates every 12 hours and seems to be different. 49 clear lake, 52 -- just low 50s for any -- inland areas closer to the water, warmer but not much,ly med a 54, 52 gilroy, 54 there, a lot of thrives by palo alto, wood side and menlo park, pacifica 54, san mateo 54, the city 53, but that is a soft 54, will drop fast tonight, clouds tonight, some rain tomorrow, more clouds than rain but we will look at it early. another one late saturday and early sunday with your weekend always in view that look strong
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for rain, these next two are kind of more bark than bite. >> okay. thank you steve. >> anytime. >> if we have clear skies tonight and tomorrow it will be a good time for sky watching. it is the peak of the meteor shower. the show starts at 7:00 p.m. both nights, the peak is around midnight with as many as 100 shooting stars an hour appearing to fly away from gemini, again great viewing if it is clear. the nominations for the golden globes are out and could the giants be resurrecting another world series championship team? see who they just resigned. lots of prepaid cards
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stocks slipping today after more signs of tension emerge from budget talks in washington, that is outweighing good news, u.s. retail sales rose 3/10s of a percent and the number of people applying for new unemployment benefits, 343,000 lower than expected and before sandy hit. taking live look at the big board, the dow is down 90, the nasdaq down 28, s & p down live. it appears the financial sun is shining on san mateo based solar city. the company that installs rooftop solar panels. their initial public offering came out this morning at 8 dollars and quickly went as high as 11.90. google maps is once again available on the iphone through a newly released app. the move comes three months after apple replaced the
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iphone's google manning mapping program with its own. it says it is superior to previous versions, they issued an apology after many complained about the new apple maps. san francisco's bridge movie theater will soon close. it first opened on gary boulevard in 1939. it will show its last movie at the end of the month. bridge is the second landmark owned theater to close in the past three months, in september the loomer shut down because of a disagreement with the landlords over a new lease. the nominees for the golden globe award were announced this morning. >> best motion picture drama, airingo, jango unchanged, life of pi, lincoln, zero dark 30.
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>> that was jessica jessica alba making the announcement. the film lincoln is the biggest success with 7 nominations, tied for second place with 5 nods is the iran hostage crisis seller, yargo and a movie jango unchained staring jamie fox, the awards will be january 13th, for a full list go to under the tab. fans will be welcoming back a familiar face next spring, they signed and andre torres to a deal, he played with them before. he batted that with the mets. we are following that threat that led to two schools shut down. the all clear was given but the investigation is ongoing.
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what we have uncovered and how it has put students and parents on edge. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news brakes. brake send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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